Totemic and other Fodders

Looks like the update changed how fodders are made? I can’t make any special fodders because I can’t find the recipes in my inventory or alchemist bench.

Have they been moved or are they broken for now?

Edit: I don’t even have the recipes for the pets in my ‘inventory,’ so it looks like I can’t make special pets even if I can make the fodder. Pretty sure this is a bug.

Still in the alchemy bench last I saw, which was yesterday when I made some.

You sure you’re looking in the alchemy bench and not the alchemy cauldron?

Definitely the bench, not the firepot cauldron.

Even tried the improved alchemist’s bench.

Hello there!
I have three different fodders available, all in the bench, like Glurin says.
I also have the recipes for the fodder + the animal in my personal recipes.
Maybe a mod interfering with yours?

Do you have Feats for them in your Feat list? Could you make them before 3.0 in the same game? There are some prerequisites and level requirements for them.

I’m not sure what happened, but I had to make a new game. Once I did that, all the recipes were available again. It’s weird.

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