How do i currently go about crafting fodders?


Not for IoS, but the regular old EL DLCs? Now that there are like 25 new crafting benches i find it crazy stupid messed up…i have placed;regular, improved, giant cauldrons, placed different thralls on them, and i can only see half dozen recipes on any cauldrons, all the same recipies…

I think those recipes are in the improved alchemy bench

So i have to build the bench, then i can see the recipes in the cauldrons?

No, they are not crafted in the cauldrons anymore. They are crafted in the alchemy bench as mentioned by Nord-Oskilgetinn:

Oh, i am sorry, i can only go by what the game tells me, on xbox it says it is made in the standard cauldron. So i am super sincerely sorry for being so damn stupid. I am so very stupid, and i deserve the " tone" of your reply. Again i am wicked sorry 2x and just hope you dont think i am some kind of douche…thanks so much for your time!

No worries at all, we were all a bit confused when IoS released on PC. Things got shuffled around. I am sorry if my tone was too harsh, it was not my intention. I just wanted to give you a straight answer.


Why would we think that?
You came here for help, @Narelle helped you, and just, wow. . . .

Firespark81 and/or Wak4863 created several videos detailing the plethora of ‘new and improved’ crafting stations. Looking up those videos on YouTube may be beneficial to anyone curious about some of the changes, what benefits there are (or aren’t) for each type and version.

Your tone was not harsh, you did give a simple, straightforward answer, and. . .wow.
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