Trade Channel Gone

I logged in after months and now the Trade channel doesn’t exist anymore and I can’t find a topic about that in the forum, so here I am. When this happened?
I know it wasn’t used a lot but I still think it’s usefull.

trade channel is still there
Have you tried clicking on the + icon at the top right of your chat box and seeing if it needs added from there?

And then also you can check by:
right clicking on the “General” tab
mousing over “Subscribe to”
then “Public groups”
and see if it needs subscribed to from there.

failing that - i have no idea.

I tried both of those options, but they didn’t work. Then I simply logged off and in and the Trade channel magically reappeared. I was off for so much time that I didn’t think of the most simple solution :sweat_smile:

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