Trebuchets dont craft Boulders

Game mode: : Online official
Type of issue: : Bug
Server type: : PvP
Region: (US) Combat_testlive_US1_PVP

Trebuchets will not craft Boulder so cant do Journey No recipe shows

1.Build Trebuchets.
2.try to craft Boulders at Trebuchet as it says that it can do.
3.look for recipe that is not there.
4.Try putting many diffrent Items in it to see if it makes anything with no luck.
5.sigh and send bug report.

Hey there,

Moved this report to the Testlive section.
Thanks for your feedback

I am playing on Combat_TestLive_US3_PVE and I was able to build the trebuchet, bolder and fire it.

Might be a PVP bug?

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