Trophy that does not jump

Hello everyone,

How do you get the trophy “The Road of Kings - Complete the First Chapter of the Journey”?

Since the latest update, it hasn’t popped up even though I’ve done everything necessary before the update. I’ve completed all the tasks in the “Exile’s Journey,” but the trophy still hasn’t appeared.

This is the only trophy I need to get the platinum.

Thank you very much.

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Welcome to the Forum. I could be wrong there was a post awhile back about not being able to get the platinum trophy don’t remember details. Someone with information will read your post

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Until Funcom fixes this, I can only think of one way to get this on PlayStation. It’s have to be a disc version install with no internet connection to update the game.

Complete the journey steps as they were originally.

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That is clear to me that it can be done, my problem is that I have the game digital and not physical.:confounded:

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