Truncheon "Coup de Grace" doesn't kill

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: PvE
Map: Isle of Siptah
Server Name: =SERVER NAME=
Mods: Lots of!

Bug Description:

The “Coup de Grace” truncheon, dropped by the Headless Judge, doesn’t kill Tier 1, 2, 3 NPCs when their conucussion meter is full (as it did and should). Also, it’s concussions damage seems low compared to other truncheons.

Bug Reproduction:

Use the “Coup de Grace” truncheon on a tier 1, 2 or 3 NPC. It should kill the NPC, but doesn’t.


I have seen this reported elsewhere.
Apparently, all Truncheons now deal Zero Damage after the Age of War Update.

This change apparently nullifies the Coup de Grace truncheon’s special ability.

I do not recall if there was an official response about this.

truncheons, by design aren’t supposed to kill potential employees (although it can and does happen).
They’re supposed to “K.O.” (knock out) your intended target.

That is true for most truncheons. But the Coup de Grace is supposed to kill thralls of tier I to III. That’s its gimmick. And it doesn’t work.

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Apparently that’s the case, but not because of the damage itself, but rather the lack of it… there appears to be a bug / feature… in the game / devkit that when a weapon has 0 damage, the associated buffs don’t get applied…


And agro is weird with truncheons now. Some NPCs aren’t phase at all while you crack their head…their friends sure take offense though.

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Yup, i reported it a couple weeks ago… also someone else did later. Both of the reports have received confirmation, so the more reports the better. It just confirms more cases of it being noticed. It’s such a low drop rate for it to not work as intended. If I wanted a truncheon to just knock out, I would craft a regular truncheon.

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Not sure that whole 0 damage truncheon thing was a good idea… plus it was a bit of a gameplay mechanic trying to capture them and not kill.

That orb is also funny… they didn’t link it to the player, probably to avoid making it super OP from authority… but it defeated their very own “anti-cheese” mechanic they just added where thralls reset consciousness if they can’t hit you… with this they never engage in combat… so you can just throw the orb and not get attacked at all lol… so no bar resetting.

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I believe it was likely a means to compensate for the decreased health, especially for thralls with extremely low stats like Exiles. I understand “why” they did it, but not why they didn’t cross check the effects it could have on legendary truncheons. Szeth’s Truncheon has a similar issue with its status effect.

Wait, I do know why they didn’t cross check… it’s Funcom. :unamused:


Yea, like I said above there’s a thing in the game… where if a weapon doesn’t deal health damage their associated buffs don’t get applied, even though you have other types of damage and collision events.

And both these are done via buffs, just that the Coup de Grace one isn’t shown on the interface, but it works by applying a 5 second buff on the target during which any damaging event (including concussive, so the 0 damage would work there) will instantly kill them if their consciousness is depleted.

The buff never gets applied though because of the above… thing… (I’m reluctant to call it a bug as I’m not sure how intentional it was hahaha - it could be the case of one much needed “hacky” solution biting you in the backside a few years later when you forget about it :stuck_out_tongue: )

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I love the orb. I love being able to just go to sepermeru or the volcano and grab what I need. I especially love that I get asked by players with a few thousand hours what the heck was that and how can they get it. There is still some mystery in the game, forbidden knowledge to unlock.

Conan devs? Testing their changes? When? :notlikethis:

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But there is a ‘Thrall Master 3000’ mod with a great stun without damage.

Yea, but you do realize that walking up to a bunch of people and throwing gas filled orbs at their heads from point blank range should… probably piss them off right? And this is more of an unforseen side-effect / bug than intentional gameplay :stuck_out_tongue:
Especially after they went out of their way to make sure engaged NPCs reset their consciousness meter if you try to shoot them from a rooftop with blunted arrows so they can’t fight back :smiley:
The orb otherwise is fine, but the fact that enemies ignore its presence… less so.

This has nothing to do with stun… both above mentioned truncheons work perfectly fine for stunning thralls… They have special effects though which don’t work because they’re done via buffs. The Coup de Grace is supposed to kill any thrall that doesn’t have a unique gold border instead of knocking them out for example… that’s the part that doesn’t work, not the stunning :stuck_out_tongue:

Which makes it a waste when going through Corsair camps. They STILL haven’t fixed the gold borders for Corsairs. I’ve killed numerous named thralls accidentally. I mentioned that as well in my report. Not sure they will do anything about it though.

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