Turan Caravan Rino - Bug

**Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: Server #1203

Applying Turan Skin to Greather Rino, it loose it stats and become standard one !!!

  1. Get many Rino babyes
  2. Rise to adult gettin a Greather one
  3. Apply the Turan skin to Greather one
  4. You get a standard Rino with turan skin :frowning:

Yep, sorry buddy but as explained to the other guy who wanted to have a greater DLC elephant, it doesn’t work this way with the Turan caravan animals. You can either keep your greater animal as a combat pet or turn it to a DLC caravan rhino/elephant which will have weaker stats but many slots.

Then why have different recipes for each rino type ? It has no reason and misleading!

Thanks !

Because every type of rhino can be crafted into a caravan rhino but I agree with you that some sort of warning or tooltip would have been appreciated.

Is there an official statement from Funcom on this? I find it… odd that they would have recipes for both the normal rhino and the greater rhino to turn them both into the exact same rhino with a skin. Yet every other pet with a skin is still a greater pet with a skin (elephant excluded as it falls into the same DLC as the rhino).

none of the other greater pets gets extra slots when the respective dlc skin is added, though.

About official statement:


Thank you for the link Narelle. :smile:

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