BUG | Inconsistencies in Turanian Pets #2

  • It is now possible to gain Alpha Elephants and Mammoths as pets from Elephant calves.

First of all, a big thanks for adding some more elephants as a taming outcome, which solves the problem with the obsolete foodsources for elephants. BUG | The lack of a Greater Elefant makes the Food obsolete

… why did the regular elephant (ID:19099) AND the greater elephant (ID:19617) has the same amount of HP? I guess it is just a typing error because an amount of 4474HP or 5338HP (like the black or white rhino) would be the right choice here.
Elephants Rhinoceros
I’m sure there’s going to be some improvements here.

I also appreciate the designers choice, that ONLY the regular Elephant can become an Turanian Caravan Elephant (ID:5361) with the same amount of HP.

… this brings me back to this report. BUG| All four different Rhinos become the same Turanian Caravan Rhino (Pet) and all the confusion about losing HP when transmuting a better rhino into a caravan rhino without any warning (still an issue).

So please do the elephant desingers choice to the different rhinos too. That means only the regular rhino can become a Turanian Caravan Rhino (Pet) and NOT the black, white and greater one.

Problem solved. :partying_face: :beers:



Hey @SirBowen

Thanks a bunch again for your detailed feedback. Sending it to our team right away :slight_smile:


Can I humbly suggest probably Mammoth should have 4 or 5k hp and Greater Elephant, like any other Greater +Pet+ in the game should have 8.2k hp instead ? :wink:


Also just noticed this about the elephant, tamed 2 last night and they looked different both in the pen and in their portrait.
Had a pot of the Turanian food ready and only one of them could use it which proved that one of them was not a standard, looked at the very large one and it’s HP is the same as a standard.


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