BUG | The lack of a Greater Elefant makes the Food obsolete

The lack of a Greater Elefant makes the different Food obsolete.

We can tame a Elephant Calf (Pet) (ID: 19009) into an Tamed Elephant (Pet) (ID: 19099).

We can use Bark, Desert Berries, Highland Berries, Plant fiber and Vines for this and also the shadespiced variants of these 5 foodsources.

But where is the reason to use these different foods, especially the shadespiced ones, when there is no other (greater, white, black, pink whatever) version of an Elefant (Pet)?

This makes any shadespiced food for Elefants absolutely obsolet !



While i think for the rhino this may get corrected, i doubt it will for the elephants.
Never saw a greater elephant in game anyway.

So yes, like you said, give them fibres, or bark, what you have fair enoug, why bother with other food ?

Not a Greater Elefant but a White Elefant called Thunderfoot for example :wink:

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Agree, but bit more an unique one, bit like the lion. But would love have it in my collection, that’s sure ! :wink:

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Those were my thoughts, like the black and white rhino there is a second elefant allready in the game.
So no big deal to make it a tameable outcome. With a second elefant the different kinds of food and especially the shadespiced food also get a meaning than.

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Sure, i agree.
Just not sure if it was in prevision this way. For the rhino i think there is no doubt. There are in game, and refered as outcome, so for the rhinos it’s clearly a bug.
Still my opinion, the black rhino would be the better choice for a greater rhino, it looks way better and impressive. Should be an extra-great, or kind of. :wink:

But the whilte elephant, yes, would be so nice to have !

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Hey @SirBowen

Thanks again for the detailed feedback. We’ll send it to our team and see if it is intended or not.

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