Proper pachyderm foods?

What is the correct food for elephants? I have three in a pen eating shadespiced bark with a couple rhinos, but would much prefer to give them the correct food.

We put our first batch in with rhinos feeding on shadespiced bark. They matured ok, but no greaters. Are there even greater elephants?

Nope. No greaters as of now because they’re pack animals. But personally I freakin hate them because they’re huge, loud, get in the way, and are just aids in general

Shadespiced Bark is the best possible food, but since there are no greater elephants, it only provides more experience for taming them. If you are already max level, then it makes no difference at all.

Thankyou both.
This is very good info. I agree with @Chump regarding thier usefulness. They are so so for base defence and very annoying for exploring. The only up sides are the 20 cargo slots and thier appearance with fodder ( by the way, why didn’t camels get a dromadery fodder with new dlc? ). The problem with the cargo slots is that a camel or a T-4 bearer thrall both have 20 slots and the thrall is a far more capable combatent, less annoying, too. But the wife loves them. I will stick to the cats, myself.

And thankyou @Tephra for the experience advice. I didn’t know that little fact, so i will stop wasting my precious shadespice on them. I am not that desperate for levels that i am willing to waste a rare resource on them.

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Correct me if I’m wrong but I think elephants and camels have a few more cargo slots than t4 bearers. It should definitely be this way just because t4 bearers have over double the health and can be outfitted with armor and do meaningful damage.

My thoughts, exactly. But T1 bearers have 5 slots, T2 have 10, T3 have 15, and T4 have 20. As far as i can tell, all pack animals have 20, which actually annoys the hell out of me. You would think a pack animal would have at least twice the slots of a similar tier human, otherwise there is no point in having the animals.

T4 bearers have 25 slots… It expends when first 20 are full.

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See? Learn something new everyday.

Hrmm, i wonder if the pack animals operate in a similar fashion?

Well, elephants and T1 & T2 rhinos hold 30 stacks. I don’t know about T3/T4 rhinos or camels since we don’t have any, but I think it would be safe to assume that they are the same.

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