Vendhyan Treasure Hunter

Hi guys,
I just wanted to let you know that I love this set. It looks really nice and fits warmer climates around Sepermeru. Really pleasure to look at this set and to RP wearing it.

But… why can’t we ride the elephant… please Funcom, pleaseeee…


I believe in time we will. For now let’s enjoy Camels and hope that Dennis will give them finally 20 slots. In the Livestream he mentioned that he was thinking of it, let’s hope he’ll do it :pray:t6:.


Whats the point of horse, if camel will be same like horse but with 20 slots?

We’ll see i guess :man_shrugging:. Rhino is slower but stronger, horse has speed attack, maybe camels don’t damage at all, o don’t know my friend, we’ll see.
Yet i cannot avoid to ask, wouldn’t you like your camel to have 20 slots?

Camels should have a spit attack. :+1:t2::tumbler_glass:


Personally, this one would keep Horses the premier fast combat mount.
Rhinos the tanky combat mount.
Camels can be the better bearer, but not great for combat mount.


Let me see it ingame first).

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Yup… brings back old memories…


Oh man. There’s a blast from the past.


Horses - fast and agile
Camels - fast, much less agile but more item slots
Rhinos - slow, not agile, tanky, item slots like camel
Elephant - faster than Rhino, slower than horse and camel, less agile than horse and camel but more agile than Rhino, shit ton of item slots :wink:
It would be amazing to have saddles with 2-3 slots for elephants so we could mount archer thralls just like the real war elephants had back in the days of fame and glory.

And then… chariots!

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