BUG| All four different Rhinos become the same Turanian Caravan Rhino (Pet)

All four different Rhino Pets become the same Turanian Caravan Rhino (Pet) (ID:5360) when using Turanian Fodder (ID: 5359)

The four different feat shows that we have an outcome ID 5360, 5362, 5363 and 5364 depends on the four tamed rhinos we use as ingredient. But we accidently get allways ID 5360 as outcome.

  • Rhinoceros (Pet) (ID: 19106) HP: 3690 + Turanian Fodder (ID: 5359) = Turanian Caravan Rhino (Pet) (ID: 5360) HP: 3690 :white_check_mark:
  • White Rhinoceros (Pet) (ID: 19134) HP: 4474 + Turanian Fodder (ID: 5359) = Turanian Caravan Rhino (Pet) (ID: 5360) HP: 3690 :x: instead of ID: 5362
  • Black Rhinoceros (Pet) (ID: 19135) HP: 5338 + Turanian Fodder (ID: 5359) = Turanian Caravan Rhino (Pet) (ID: 5360) HP: 3690 :x: instead of ID: 5363
  • Greater Rhinoceros (Pet) (ID: 19136) HP: 8265 + Turanian Fodder (ID: 5359) = Turanian Caravan Rhino (Pet) (ID: 5360) HP: 3690 :x: instead of ID: 5364

Which means this is a big lost in Hitpoints at the moment, because it doesnt matter which kind of Rhino we use as an incredient we allways get only the ID 5360 with HP: 3690 as an outcome. So the feat IDs 5362, 5363 and 5364 doesnt really exist at the moment like intended.



Good catch. I would hate people to lose the higher tiered Rhinos on accident. Recipe should only work on normal one if there is not going to be tiered Caravan versions HP wise.

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I think they will add the greater rhino etc on a later update. Elephants just have one version too

Hey @SirBowen

We’ve just answered a similar thread, so please allow us to paste in here the same answer :slight_smile:

It’s intended that there’s no caravan version of a Greater Rhino. Caravan Rhinos have extra slot spaces (there’s been a slight confusion about this, our apologies), while Greater Rhinos have beefed up stats. Choosing between the Greater or Caravan version is a trade-off. Having both would be an advantage gameplay-wise, which would be against our aim with our DLC.
This can be confusing and lead to a loss of important pets as reported in this thread, so we’ll make sure to send note to our team and see if they could implement a way to warn players beforehand.


In that case it would be better if the better rhinos are NOT part of the recipe, so that accidental conversions (as happened now) can be prevented in the future :wink:


Yes its better to remove greater rhino and black rhino :rhinoceros: on crafting caravan rhino


As Ignasi mentioned, we brought it up with the team. There are several options but we agree that it needs to be a better feedback loops in one way or another :slight_smile:


@Ignasi @Tascha Thanks for the explanation that this is intended, but I agree, it is really confusing.
The most confusing part for me is/was, that we have 4 different recipes with 4 different outcome IDs but we only get the same ID 5360 as a outcome.

Regular Rhino 19106 + Fodder 5359 = Recipe 5360 = Caravan Rhino 5360 :white_check_mark:
White Rhino 19134 + Fodder 5359 = Recipe 5362 = Caravan Rhino 5360 :crazy_face:
Black Rhino 19135 + Fodder 5359 = Recipe 5363 = Caravan Rhino 5360 :crazy_face:
Great Rhino 19136 + Fodder 5359 = Recipe 5364 = Caravan Rhino 5360 :crazy_face:

Iam totally with this designers choice… BUT

You would be well advised to reconsider the whole thing and make it more obvious to everyone that you will lose the laboriously bred larger versions again and get a standard Rhino back but with load capacity plus.

Maybe you simply remove the possibility to turn a white, black or greater rhino into a caravan rhino at all.
So at least there is no bad awakening and you don’t have to explain from a logical point of view why these three rhinos lose their lives right now, what the normal Rhino doesn’t do.
But this is the point we’re coming to now.


When you argue like that (DLCs didnt have to come with an advantage at all) and we only look at the regular Rhino with 3610HP and 10Slots vs. the Caravan Rhino with also 3610HP but 30Slots, we allready got an advantage with a DLC item, because the regular Rhino doesnt lose HP. So the argument limps a bit and you have to rethink your DLC policy than.

Don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely with this designers choice to not only give the pets a purely cosmetic skin with this DLC like the other dlcs in the past and also create a space advantage. But then I can’t use the argument of the non advantageous DLC anymore or I have to rethink it all again.

These are just my thoughts, but I am 100% sure YOU will find a solution.



We’ll send note to our team to clear out this situation :slight_smile:

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