Turn keybinds don't work on mounts

You can’t change your keybinds from default and have them work when mounted. Example: I switched my turn right and turn left to Q and E. When mounted, it still uses the A and D keys, which I now have bound to Block and Dodge.

THis is especially problematic with a bow. To turn my horse left, my bound key of E does nothing. So I use the old default of A, but while wielding the bow, it shoots an arrow, which is what happend when you try to block using a bow. It also turns the horse left.

I know it is confusing, but just try changing turn keybinds and you will see what I mean.

While on this subject, please make block with a bow a kick, like when not holding any weapons at all.


Oh sweet. Thanks for this Multi. Going to make the edits to correct this.

I found using the key strokes difficult and slow. Is it possible to change the horse movement to following the mouse movement. :frowning: I keep running into trees.

If you did how would you aim your weapons?

It would work the same as if I were running on my feet?

It wouldn’t. Your character currently is able to aim the weapon independently of the horse direction. Changing the horse movement to the mouse would mean your character could only aim in the direction of the horse.

Functionality, its best where its at. Moving it to a mouse would restrict the system and make horse combat less flexible and fun.

I’ll have to run some tests on my own. The current key bind doesn’t work for me at all.

And the poor horsie gets stuck on those trees really easily. Once I had to dismount and manually lift my horse and put it back on the ground. It also seems to get stuck on every little rock on the way, and the jump is unimpressive.

I’m hoping that mounted movement becomes more intuitive once I get to use my actual preferred keybinds for driving the beast instead of hopping to wrong-handed controls. I already fell in love with mounted archery. (Note to self: don’t try mounted archery in a dense forest. Both you and your arrows keep hitting trees.)

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