Turning off experience gain

I’ve recently discovered that, starting at level 19, I have the option of not gaining experience. Is there any reason why this would need to be done?

Low level pvp which is not gone happen… to stay within brackets, at least that was the intention of this feature.

Also can be use to keep you within the level of dungeons if you want to run them “at level” for the purity achievement title (or for fun).
Each group dungeon has a level range associated with it. Certain dungeons are listed for the vanity title “purity” that need to be achieved within that level.

Where do you turn off xp gain?

Misc—>Halt experience gain (19lvl)

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Thank you

You can only do this at lvl 19? I have no option to do this under Misc

You can do it at every level from level 19 on.

your ui may be outdated

Yes that might be the issue, thank you

Useful if you want hold levels for enjoy proper content of that level. PvP low levels or dungeons.
I have 1 tank and 1 healer locked on 46 for help in Sanctum, Toirdelbach and stuffs so!

The usefulness of this feature in AoC has become almost exclusively to avoid passing the appropriate level in Purist dungeons. But, there is more.

(Generally, MMOs with PvP use level ranges, for example 10-20, 20-30, 30-40 …)

Planning to build the best PvP character in a range requires tracking down all the proper gear, but not passing lv 19, 29, 39 …

If successful the character will be a ‘Twink’

Creating the ultimate Twink for PvP, in games like World of Warcraft, used to be especially difficult, because traveling long distances on foot requires killing xp gaining mobs. The planning, fighting, and logistics made it very challenging, thus rewarding, but came with a sacrifice; no imba toon in pve.

Would anyone be up for the challenge to create twinks for a low level PvP ?

We would need to agree on level range, and a date to begin.

A Permanent Twink League !!!

Yes I would deffo join low lvl pvp :slight_smile: Level 39 pvp is so mutch fun :slight_smile:

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I started a thread for PvP Twink League

This will be awesome fun for everyone!

Thank you Missy :slightly_smiling_face:

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