Twitch drops appear in knowledge tab, but can’t be unlocked

Basic Info:

Platform: Xbox Series X
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: Any
Map: Any
Server Name: Any

Bug Description:

Watcher set and furniture still not accessible on Xbox multiplayer. I have tried this on multiple servers. The icons remain brown after unlocking all required feats in the knowledge tab, but aren’t able to be interacted with.

Bug Reproduction:

Join an online server on Xbox with the appropriate twitch drops. Learn the required feats. Notice they are there, but not able to be unlocked.

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Good luck with this! I have the same problem. Many have the same problem, but it was purposely ignored during the last stream when asked repeatedly about it. I say, open the damn items for all if you can’t fix the issue! My items have been taken from me. I want them back. I want a time table as to when I’ll get them back. Funcom keeps ignoring us.

As I said, good luck with this.

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I’ve heard forum posters say it works for them on pc. I just want to make sure they know us console peasants still don’t have our drops working

still waiting… quite funny that they did a twitch stream and totally ignored the questions about the missing twitch items (and just about every other damned glitch/bug/broken feature).

I got a notification for report received so maybe they’re aware it wasn’t fixed now

Not fixed with last update.

Greetings Exiles,

We are aware of the ongoing issue and working on it. Please make sure to watch the streams and follow the steps to claim the items while we look into things on our end.

Apologies for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience.


Thank you! Could you provide a link to where these streams are? I wasn’t aware they were available post live stream , but I’ll watch again if I can. Thank you!


You can search for Streams of Conan Exiles with drops enabled on

Have fun! :slight_smile:

How long will they run?

Just to be clear, you’re referring to the Watcher items from 2 years ago, right? Those are the items we are talking about. Why I was directed to live streams that have nothing to do with Watcher items? I’m not sure, but this made it sound like you were re-running the Watcher Twitch drops as a final solution to this “issue”.

I had patience from September 1st all the way to Funcom’s last twitch stream where they flat out ignored this topic. I had those items in my possesion for a year and a half. I didn’t lose them. They were taken from me. My patience with the myriad of issues that 3.0 brought to consoles, which will be overlooked while over-priced garbage is put at top priority to fleece the existing playerbase who even bothers to continue supporting this heap has about run out. Seriously… it’s gonna cost over $100 to get the same content in a dlc pack for $10-$15.

I want the product I’m paying a subscription for to actully F###ING WORK! Are you ■■■■■■■ professionals here, or just professional grifters?

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I think he was mean watch the stream too obtain the new drops so you have them till they fixed the problem whit the old drops

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Cool, but as written, in a post which has only spoken of Watcher items missing, it comes off as a re-do on the Watcher gear.

Edit: The NEW twitch items do not work either. Gettin’ warmer, lol.

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If they can kill two birds with one stone I’ll be happy lol

Nope, same issue as the Watcher items, but it’s also affecting these new Twitch drops. At least that’s what’s going on with my new drop items. Why have new Twitch drops without fixing the issue first…not a clue

I have the same problem.The drops are “brown” in the knowledge section but you can’t active them. Clearly a bug.

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same problem here, has been for a long time now… you would think the next chapter and a big patch fixes something like that but its ignored. it just sucks. i want my watcher items back!!!

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Same issue for me.

Watcher Items fix when? A bit tired of losing equipped items or being unable to replace a table i accidentally picked up after you added entitlement lock with battlepass.

PS. PC Steam

This bug is still current for twitch drop Dec 2022
Please help Funcom