Twitch drops not showing available on twitch?

I’m running into a strange issue. My twitch account is connected to Conan Exiles (and Steam), I have the Rabbit and Blood Mace drops from earlier. I have been watching streams with drops enabled for hours with no Rocknose Statue. When I check available drops, Conan Exiles is not listed. Has anyone else run into this issue?

It’s temporarily disabled because of technical issues, it’ll be back soon


Thanks so much!

Now ask how they screwed up a statue recipe drop? Rabbit and mace no issue but a piece of decor then bang.

The technical issue was, that it is very hard to place it. Almost impossible to find a spot where it would allow you to place it.
I was able to put it outdoor on ground :laughing:

not a reason to deactivate the drops however. That’s an internal coding issue that any person with knowledge could fix by editing the database for the item.

its been days. :rofl: