Twitch drops missing [ I SOLVED IT ] :)

To all players!

I found a workarround on how to fix the ‘watchers’ twitch drop not showing up in your FEATS


(LINK : Twitch for step 1. and 1.1)

1) Unlink/disconnect your Steam account on your Twitch profile ( Settings - Connections - and then disconnect)

1.1) Unlink/disconnect the buttom ‘conan exiles account link’ also

2) Wait about 48H BEFORE connecting it to Steam again - cause we need the system to reset

3) Launch your Conan Exile gaming launcher and start the game

4) … and click this one :

4.1) The reason why its bugging ( just an idea ) is because if you have it linked on your Twitch account with Steam and it fails when you click the ‘link twitch account’ , then the system will “think” that you already have it successfully connected and then it will fail to connect

| Hope it helps someone out there | :slight_smile:


Greetings Exile,

Thank you very much for your report. We’ve sent this workaround to our team for them to check. Maybe it can help us fix this issue for good!