Twitch Drops not working all of a sudden

I have no mods installed. I can’t even spawn them in as an admin anymore. Twitch account is linked.


same issue.
I have my account linked.
I have disconnected and RElinked my account.
I have disconnected Steam AND conanexiles, waited 2 days, and relinked the accounts (Conan first via the link in the launcher)…


Yes same here. I had spawned and made some twitch drop items in single player months ago. Account still linked, and same saved game, no response. This thing never worked right.

I unlinked and relinked my Twitch account, but nothing changes. Some people can and some can’t I guess? Really blows…

Same here! I dont have my Twitch drop anymore since somes days! I write here to Up topic!

Same situation, Twitch drop disappeared.

same here, also both my clanmates are missing their twitch drops as well. Missing both the recipes to make them, and also cant admin them into single player.
We have tried the disconnect/ reconnect twitch accounts to no avail.

im having problems with both my twitch drops as well as my royal armor both are not showing up as craftable or even feats for them

Same for me on xbox series x no twitch drops craftabel and conan armor even missing :sob:

My bug armor! I can’t see without my bug armor!

idem, steam/twitch/conan are linked.
but the royal armor and the contained watcher-set (armor & placeables)
no longer appear in-game.

handling perform:
-unlink and relink the twitch account to conan
-unlink and relink steam to twitch
-repaired game files (on steam/pc)

nothing works…

Same issue here. I can’t see any of the Twitch Drop items to craft.

I unlinked my account and linked it again, but nothing has fixed it.

Do we have any confirmation that Funcom has noticed this or any word during livestreams about it? (I never watch them myself.) It would give me confidence if we could get some attention on this topic.

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