Twitch Drops Question

So I linked my Twitch account and claimed the rewards; however, I don’t see the recipes in my crafting stations yet. Also, I logged in to watch a stream today and I don’t see day two rewards yet. Am I missing something? Just curious, don’t want to miss out because of FOMO.

The day two just started, check again, should be there

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Conan Exiles Twitch Drops: May 27 - May 31
read the top of this post for information on when you can get the drops.

the discussion further on in the thread has other people reporting issues not seeing their drops in game, and it is being investigated

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You’re right thank you! I missed the start time in the notes. I assumed it would have rolled over around the time the server restarts occured.

If your on pc and cant connect conan account to Twich …

1 : In steam right click conan exiles.
2 : Select properties.
3 : Under general tab, select " Enable steam overlay ingame "

That was why i couldnt link my accounts, took me ½ a day to figure out.


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Shortly after I posted this, the items showed up. Looks like they fixed it pretty quick!

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