Twitch Drops: Day One

I was at 94% for the 3rd drop, Watchers Gloves, then it stopped progressing. Now it’s not even showing on the drop list. Anyone else have this issue?

Completed all three tiers, no issues to report here.

Make sure you are viewing streamers with drops enabled tags (not in the title of the stream, the tag).


Good afternoon, I have been in Konan for a long time, so the drop has been drawn, I wanted to land on twitcho, I already wrote all the rules, but when I wanted to get what I looked when I dropped out I did not get it, it was supposed to be brought

Drops were enabled on the streamer I was watching. Just stopped at 94% and now not even listed.

Conan Exiles I looked but Conan Exiles is not in the connected ones, my friend has ((((although through the main thing I write the game another

Never mind. For some reason it just popped now.

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Once claimed, how do we create the item drops in game? Workbench?

I haven’t looked but most likely artisans bench for all except armour pieces at a guess.

I claimed all three rewards and looked for them on my artisan’s bench. They were not available. I guess that I’ll search for them more thoroughly later.

I just read that @CodeMage had to manually search for them to get them to show up. Maybe try that?

Great to know! I’ll try that. Thanks!

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Don’t hold me to it lol I’m at work and haven’t even tried to claim yet. I’m only getting my info from forum stalking.

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Ha ha! No worries.

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One other thing: if you can’t see your drop in-game, close the game and check for updates. The streamer I was watching had that problem and that was her solution.

I haven’t been able to craft these yet. I even tried admin spawn, no luck. Not sure how long these take to activate.

I’ve collected #'s 2 and 3 but not #1 somehow???

Took me an extra hour to get the gloves to spawn even after I claimed the drop. First 2 dropped right away.

I have checked into the game several times and the drops have not shown for me in game. I think my Twitch account is linked, but the button on the main menu of CE doesn’t do anything when I click it and the Twitch link is active for Steam but I still don’t know if my Twitch is linked. Apparently not becuase I still do not have the 3 drops from Twitch even tho they show as claimed drops on the Twitch page.

I did have to relog in my Conan Exiles as it forget the link to Twitch, one day after linking it all up. :frowning: