Twitch Drops doesn't show up in-game

I’ve seen all the streamers for drops.
All items is noted as “received” as well.
I could even create the gloves of the watchers.
But after the second day The gloves feat disappeared and i dont have any of the items in the feat list.
Im properly connected to the twitch account with my conan account.
Anyone else have the same problem?


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Hello @TorBaklund

If you are on PlayStation yes, we are all having the same problem, you can watch the main thread here: Unable to craft Twitch drop items (items not found) and the official word is that it’s getting worked on.


i got all of my drops today playing siptah today took a few days though sad i missed the day 1 drops though. i see they forgot to add the boots to the set lol

well never mind exited the game went back in the game and now they are gone and im on ps4 :sob:

Welcome to our nitemare…

I watched all 5 days but the Watchers Wall Torch doesn’t show up in game or my Twitch inventory, but Gloves of the Watchers do, even though they were the same day.

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