Gloves of The Watchers Twitch Drops Bug or Error

I watched for two hours the first day, I claimed all three items, i.e. Banner of The Dragon, Watcher’s Wall Torch and The Gloves of The Watchers, made sure my accounts were linked. Woke up the next day, fired up another Conan stream to earn rewards for day two, checked my twitch drops page and noticed the drop for my Gloves of The Watchers had disappeared. I immediately checked in game and I cant find them in game either anymore. Its essentially like there was an error with twitch drops and it counted my gloves as a false positive so they disappeared. I know I claimed them cuz I had already seen them in game before, but now its like I never had them or even claimed them and now I feel like I got jipped out of my rewards and completely wasted those two hours, especially since people are saying they will only ever be a twitch drop exclusive, which I think is really stupid since Im not the only once experiencing errors like this. At least they should allow for ppl to buy the set as a dlc or something later for those who missed out in the first place or are experiencing errors like me. Ive tried to ask people on discord to no avail. Should this or can this be fixed through Funcom or should I be reporting it to twitch as well? Id really just love some feedback and help from someone officially from Funcom. Would really love to have my gloves back since they were supposed to be this special thing for the launch of Siptah. any help would be greatly appreciated…

I haven’t received any of the drops so idk what’s going on

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yea, not sure either - i claimed the items on my account, linked it (made sure steam overlay was on) and then went on vacation - came back and nothing…

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Unfortunately, we don’t have plans to sell the items at the moment. On our end, the requirements were to have the accounts linked and to claim the items after watching the streams. Please try to contact Twitch for their further support.

Apologies for the inconvenience.


Arguably, I did all those things you’ve mentioned (linked my account via steam overlay, hit “claim” on the drop as I achieved them) and I’m still not seeing the option to craft them in-game. I have several friends on my server with the same issues, but usually limited to one or two items that are missing – I, however, am missing all items even though I made sure to hit “claim” on all of them (from the 27th of May through the 31st).

Not too sure what else to do. Contacted a support staff with twitch via email, and they told me to discuss it with you instead…

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Unfortunately, it’s what was stated by AndyB:

We regret that the campaign wasn’t as intended for all who participated. We will pass this information to our team so they can study what can be improved for the future.

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