Missing Twitch Drop Items

I participated in the Twitch Drop (twitch(dot)conanexiles(dot)com) back in May/Jun. In looking back at my account, I received all of my drops, except for two (Watcher’s Wall Torch and Gloves of the Watcher - both issued on 27May). I received notice at the time that I had received credit, but I do not have the items in my account. I reached out to Twitch and they have stated that they have no access to issue drops and I would need to contact the Game Producer. Please advise.

Try relinking your account to twitch.

I tried that and there was no change. I am still missing those two.

I presume since there doesn’t seem to be an actual Tech Support forum on here that his issue is just going to sit and die.

What worked for me is the following:

  1. Confirm all Twitch items have been claimed

  2. Delink Twitch account with Funcom

  3. Relink Twitch account with Funcom

  4. Restart Steam

  5. Log into the game

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