Twitch drops not showing up

I took time to watch all 5 days of twitch drop availability, claimed all items AND linked my account appropriately (made sure the steam overlay was on to “properly” link the account), but after the fifth day of struggling to see any items ingame, i left for a family vacation. After coming back, they’re all gone from my twitch account.

What gives funcom? Was there some extra step im unaware of? Did i legit watch about a dozen hours of IoS content on twitch for nothing? …

Did you make sure to physically press the ‘Claim Item’ button on the drops you received?

Yes, on all items available for the days of May 27 thru 31st - after clicking “claim”, and ensuring my account was properly linked, i still couldn’t see them in game shortly before going on vacation. I just assumed it would be patched in later.

Hmm, strange. Are you absolutely certain you’re on the right Twitch account? I just checked my personal Twitch account and I still have all the drops I claimed visible in my Twitch inventory.

Pretty sure - I only have one account that I use

I can confirm I have several people on my server having the same issues (ie - confirmed they click “claim” on many items but only getting just a few they claimed)

I have to confess I’m uncertain what happened then. The drops and inventory system are on Twitch’s end; all we do is feed the items into it and set campaign dates. We wouldn’t have taken any physically claimed rewards away to my knowledge. Like, as long as you’ve actually hit that Claim button on your Twitch Inventory then you should have the reward and keep it.

You may want to contact Twitch support and see if they know anything?

I contacted Twitch Support and interacted with a rep via email, and they told me to contact Funcom for a solution :laughing:

Something tells me I’m SOL here?


I really don’t know what more we can do on our end…if the items aren’t in your Twitch drops inventory we wouldn’t have a way to grant them to you or ‘restore’ them in any fashion. While I can’t offer promises, we would really like to run similar campaigns in the future so there may be a chance to snag some of the items again, but I’ve got nothing beyond that. I’m sorry :frowning:

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… sounds 'bout right

Where are you looking for these Twitch items? Should be on your artisan bench and armor benches. If they are not in your Twitch account you either have another account that you’re not aware of or didn’t claim them. Its that simple.