Twitch drops disappeared

Game mode: [ Select one: (Online official )]
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Region: [ NA ]
Hardware: [ Xbox One ]

Bug Description:

I forgot to claim my pants and the other drops from the twitch drops that day. I went back about an hour later to claim them and they were gone. My gamertag is IKnwWhereUSleep *

Expected Behavior:


Steps to Reproduce:


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They require you to press the claim button during the event (each being 24 hours). If you miss that window, you’re out of luck even if you watched for 2 hours. It’s stupid, but that’s how twitch drops works currently. Needs a rework in my opinion.

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It wasn’t even a full 24 hours. I watched the person I was watching, came back later to watch more because the next set of drops launched (all in about an hour or two in time). I remembered I didn’t claim them so I went to my inventory and they were gone

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Unfortunately this is more of a Twitch thing than a Funcom one because this is how Twitch does drops. And believe me it’s far from the only thing that people have issues with when it comes to how Twitch does things.

About all Funcom can do is repeat the drops at some point in the future.

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Hello @Awildsnakgert you probably got the tail end of the previous day’s drop and the next day’s drops started right after. The below is from Twich, which is what @Nethermore is talking about.

For time-based Drops, if you are unable to claim the Drop in time, you will be able to claim it from the inventory page until the Drops campaign ends.

Emphasis on “until the Drops campaign end” like @Glurin stated, it is a Twitch problem since each day’s drop was a 24 hour campaign, that’s the time twitch is counting and not 24 hours from when you earned the drop (which is actually more viewer friendly).

Looks like Twitch is trying to get people to be active, but this comes at the expense of unhappy viewers that may not come back.

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