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My computer was down for a time and I recently noticed my funcom and twitch connection had ceased. I’m unable to access any of the Twitch drop watcher gear and no where does it show that I ‘own’ it.
My last issue got blown off, maybe I can get some help with this?

This seems to be happening to a lot of people right now (there’s been some sort of change at one end or the other that’s evidently caused issues). Apparently all you need to do is re-link your twitch account (seems like you need to cancel the existing link at the twitch end, then redo the link). Hopefully that should work :slight_smile:


It is probably happening to a lot of people right now because Twitch let themselves get hacked, then everyone panics and goes to change their passwords which breaks all of their Twitch account connections.


Sadly it did not, that is the first thing I did. No where does it show that I have any inkling of a claim to those perks.
Sidenote I think it’s pretty sad that no matter what route is taken to get help from an official it always ends with them pointing to peer to peer stuff like this. Least that’s been my experience.
Like my previous attempt at getting help was me wanting to change my Username…they sent me here.
I don’t know what another random player would be able to do about that that they themselves refuse to do.

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You need to make a request through zendesk.

You need to go to twitch;

Account > Drops > Inventory

All your claimed drops should appear there.

Good luck!

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I appreciate the input.
Prior to posting here I did go to Twitch and it shows no drops at all, so I reached out here.
Previously (regarding the username change) Zendesk immediately sent me a blanket response and told me to ask that question here.

So what I’ve started to gather any official help needing situations I should dub a lost cause.

Just a FYI in order to get/use these u must be connected to online even in offline single players and linked. Some don’t know that thus I mentioned just in case

In that case your issue will be with Twitch. If they do not show up in your drops inventory, I don’t think FC will be able to help you. They have no control over the drop system.

Also in terms of ID alterations they will only change it if your personal information is included in the FC ID. Zendesk is the correct method if that is the case.

In terms of official help, the community staff that operate this forum are not really customer services. Although sometimes they will respond directly, their job is essentially just providing feedback to/from the devs.

I would advise contacting Twitch to verify you claimed the drops, and then proceeding from there.

Good luck.

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