Twitch drop armor not received

So i tuned into the streams on twitch but neither the gloves nor chest was added into my rewards page even though i watched the full two hours, i did receive the pants and im currently tuning into the helmet at this time, i contacted twitch support but they said contact the developers of the game instead so here i am lost and stumped on what steps to take next, id really like those rewards added to my inventory so please help me out.

Hi @Minks01

Can you please check to see if you’ve claimed the items correctly in your Twitch account, Drops section?
You can also read more about the drops here:

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The gloves nor chest show up in my twitch drop section, even though i tuned into the streams they are not there while the pants are. I have already tried contacting twith about this issue but they said they cant do anything and to contact the devs over here. (edit) Thanks for replying so quickly to this i do genuinely appreciate it.

Hey its been afew days without any comment or update to this problem have you found a solutiuon yet?

Apologies for not being able to reply sooner.

It sounds like you did not managed to claim the items in time. After watching the stream you need to manually claim the items in your Twitch Drops section.
Can you send us a screenshot of what you are seeing in the Twitch Drops section?

You can read more in the link we’ve sent you previously.

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This is what im seeing on my twitch inventory, like i said before i tuned into the streams but there was not even a claim option, nothing in my inventory ever appeared for them even though i tuned in.

Have you checked your Feats for crafting recipes? The Twitch Drops reward items aren’t the items themselves, they’re the recipes to craft the items. The placeables would be under Decorations → Furniture Maker and the armor set is under Armor → Exile Epics.

Oh, maybe I misunderstood the question. You had about 24 hours after each day was over to physically claim the item from your drops inventory after you earned it. If you didn’t claim the item by then, the reward will disappear from your Twitch account.

Twitch itself would notify you when you earn a Drop; the alert would show up in the chat area or as a popup if you’re on the mobile app. Remember that only streams with the “Drops Enabled” tag would count towards your progress.

In any case, we may do more Twitch Drops campaigns in the future and make these items available again for a future Drops event. Keep an eye out!

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I will do, thank you for this reply and maybe that was it, i was pretty constiant all the way through the twitch drops because the watcher armor just looked so pretty haha. Probably was delayed sent to my inventory and then i probably just missed it huh. oh well ill keep an eye out for any future drops and ima start praying these are a reoccuring one. Thank you guys so much for the help. is there a way to be notified when a new drop happens? Or do i just need to log in every day and check manually?

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Make sure you’re keeping an eye on the #general-discussion:exiles-announcements section or following us on the various channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, r/ConanExiles on reddit, community discord) we use, as any news would be announced there.

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