Lost access to Twitch Drop rewards

Came back to the game after a long break, had access to the Twitch Drop rewards like Watcher’s stuff during the event. Some how lost access to the rewards, even though my Twitch account says I should have them. Going into admin mode and trying to spawn in something like a watcher bed gives me the error code associated with lacking DLC.

You may have to relink the account, from the main menu

Disconnecting and reconnecting Conan to my account doesn’t seem to do anything.

Try changing/updating the password of your Twitch account and then linking again.

I updated password, logged out and in again to Twitch. It doesn’t seem to have made any difference.

Welp, after testing (and locking myself out of my own drops) I can confirm linking doesn’t work at the moment…:person_facepalming:

Seems to be a problem with the authorization not receiving a proper redirect.

Reposting Pliskin’s reply from a different thread:

Guess we’re out of luck at the moment.

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Well damn. I appreciate the sacrifice. Hopefully something will happen sooner rather than later.

Thanks for helping.

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