MIssing Twitch Drops?

Hi-ho! Anyone missing a drop even after collecting it? I did collect all three from previous day with my binge watch from this morning but when I went to verify they were added to the game I was missing the gloves. Then I found that the gloves were missing from twitch as well, but it’s already the new day now and I won’t be able to get them.

Am I just SOL anyway?

I got 6 drops today all successful. All show up in game. Not sure what to tell you. Maybe they are just delayed. Maybe wait a bit longer and they might show up.

I did try your suggestion, thanks for it since I can be impatient, and waited quite a bit longer to see if they’d show up but the gloves are still missing both from the twitch drop inventory and the game. Its as if I had never claimed them. :frowning:

Where did you verify? Start a single player game and look in the admin menu, if you can spawn them, then you have them.

I don’t know how they are crafted in game yet though. Maybe in the personal inventory by hand?

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