Twitch Drops: Day One

I have been doing that all day, I still haven’t gotten the drops and the Link to Twitch button doesn’t seem to work at all.

Update: It turned out that I needed the Steam Overlay enabled in the Steam Settings. Works fine now. What a pain though. I have been messing with this issue all day.

the main menu button should open the steam overlay. so first check that the steam overlay is activated for conan exiles. open the steam library and right click conan exiles => settings. the overlay settings should be on the first page if I remember correctly.

if you are unsure if the connection has worked you can check it on twitch. log in to your twitch account. click on your profile picture in the upper right corner


click “Creator Dashboard”

click “Viewer Rewards” on the left menu. it should show a “Drops” entry. click it


open one of the conan exiles drops from the list



if you are not connected


Watched, claimed - but where can find it in game??

Over 13 hours later, I still can’t access in game. I’m on PS5, if that matters.

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You craft them. I know the gloves are crafted in the armor bench and the wall torch in the deco bench.

I’ve unlinked and relinked my account 3 times now. I’m still not able to craft these anywhere or even admin spawn.

Can anyone supply me with the stats of the armor please. I want to know pvpwise what I am dealing with. My guess is they will compare to something in game, but still I scout based on armor…so info on what it is is important to those of us who don’t do twitch.

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Why do you really want this information?


Because I scout on pvp. Armor type is one of the things I factor, especially if they are always running the same look. I then try to figure out what atts the run.

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Good tip, if and when I can get the drop to show up I’ll let you know.

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Thank you kindly.

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Update: Both day one and two feats WERE available in menu on Exiled Lands (single player). After logging out and back in, they’re gone again. Still haven’t been able to get these on my private Siptah server.

Anybody have any tips?

and the epic version:

see section “armor set”

it’s +4 grit for the full set of 4 pieces. +1 grit per piece and no temp resistance


Cool thanks.

does not sound very usefull lol, i guess, RPrs might use it.

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