Twitch suspension after wearing bikini but no suspension when full nudity?

I got a twitch suspension for wearing this. When character totally nude then no suspension. I think the “bikini” is from Age of Calamitous.

“Based on a review of your activity or content, we have issued a Community Guidelines strike on your account. As a result, your access to Twitch services is restricted. Reason: Wearing sexually suggestive attire, such as undergarments or intimate apparel”

Anyone got suspensions or bans for wearing bikini?


Maybe should start streaming from Youtube [but maybe they are worse!]

Maybe it was a hater on your twitch who dropped a dime? No clue, peasent Xbox owner here

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Yes, I though about that too. Twitch rules say too if they decide no reason for that and they keep reporting the same streaming again then they will get banned from twitch.

Hope you get unbanned, but atleast here the community will support the game pics

It could be because everytime I have seen your stream while browsing, it was showing some afk full nude dancing to advertise your server. I am surprised you only got suspended now. Do you even stream active gameplay?

Yes I do but it is also truth not often. I only stream specific events like when doing dungeon or exploring. I don’t stream gameplay that includes harvesting and talking etc.

I got banned on mixer for having partial nudity. My stream is marked as 18+, when I read the rules on mixer it allows partial nudity as long as its not the Main focus of the game. Full nudity wont even let me start the stream. I managed to get my mixer account back but im not streaming with partial nudity anymore. They said the reason for me being banned was that I panned the camera around while riding an elevator. I had to look a little bit right :slight_smile:

I must had been very lucky then as I have been streaming long time with full nudity with the help of Fashionist mods.

The question arise also, are some mods creating stuff that can causes bans and suspensions at some point in time? I don’t mean Fashionist but mods that creates gear, panties etc.

Very weird but real that we can stream beheaded and chopped bodies and violence but not nudity nor even a girl in bikini. Well, acceptance is the key to survive trolls and the bizarre :sunny:

We are a planet where Sigmund Freud rules :slight_smile:


I know about a twitch streamer that got banned for the same reason as you got banned for, he went to youtube and started streaming the next day he was banned on YT for the exact same reason.

Yes, I am not going to show any skin anymore lol

They are too nitical

You can show skin just cover the bottom and you should be fine, I watched a streamer last night who was wearing a bikini top and skirt/pants, I hope you don’t get anymore troubble while streaming. :smiley:

You mean boobs ok but not the triangle?

I was streaming too wearing clothes alike the streamer you said but maybe is not 'cause of that but because older streams were showing everything. Though they don’t name nudity in the suspension but clothes.

" Reason: Wearing sexually suggestive attire, such as undergarments or intimate apparel”"

I think that the problem might be that kids under age are watching streams, their parents walk in and report. Even if stream is marked for adult viewers we get banned because some parents cant setup the parents controls. I do play on xbox and its easy to do there

Yes, indeed, that can be a very plausible reason. Seems every culture has a burka in this planet, just adapted to the culture but still a burka. :frowning:


Sorry to hear about your ban Chloe. Yep. This is the same wonderful logic which now permeates Mortal Kombat 11. Welcome to the age of moral absolutism, where apparently there is nothing more toxic or morally degrading than a person dressed in their evening wear. :roll_eyes: Some people get triggered far to easily nowadays.

Orson Welles were right: 1984.


George Orwell my dear, but thats ok I knew exactly who you meant. For the record, one of my favourites too. :wink:

It seems that fundamentalists have come up with a dazzling new array of mental gymnastics to justify the errosion of freedoms.

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I was looking for a comment to reply to someone about something similar and the whole

“It seems that fundamentalists have come up with a dazzling new array of mental gymnastics to justify the errosion of freedoms.”

Fits the bill.

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Right :slight_smile:


Yes, that’s the one! :slight_smile: