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Hyperborea and Hyperboreans are the real race of Greek mythology.
But not in the Conan Universe.
Hyborea, Hyboreans and the Hyborian Age are the artificial mythology created by Robert E. Howard.

The following Hy(per)borean Slaver Armor and description needs a fix.
ID: 52957, 52950, 52951, 52956, 52958
ID: 52960, 52952, 52953, 52959, 52961
ID: 52963, 52954, 52955, 52962, 52964
ID: 91070, 91071, 91072, 91073, 91074
ID: 91165, 91166, 91167, 91168, 91169
ID: 91260, 91261, 91262, 91263, 91264
(btw above is a nice showcase of Funcoms Database issues)

So Hyboreans has nothing to do with Hyper Hyper.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Hyperborean Slaver Armor of any kind and their description.
  2. Change all Hyperborean to Hyborean, please.


Nice to see the D&D Universe named it Hyperborean also :smiley:
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But as quoted, not in the Robert E. Howard Universe. (Hyborean Age)

This was included under ‘Etymology’:

Hyperborea Finland, Russia, and the Baltic countries (Hyperborea). Is a land in the “outermost north” according to Greek historian Herodotus. Howard’s Hyperborea is described as the first Hyborian kingdom, “which had its beginning in a crude fortress of boulders heaped to repel tribal attack”.

Do you think this is ‘post’ Howard mythology? Or perhaps the name of a kingdom is not enough and should be name for a people?

Again Hyperborean is the greek mythology.

In Howards world it is Hyborean, not Hyperborean.
Hyborean age, Hyboreans, Hyborea and so on, that is Howards Universe.
He was inspired by the Hyperborean Mythology, but named it Hyborean.

Take a look at this thread:

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