Ultrawide 21:9 support


Hopefully soon!


I made an account just for this.

+1 request for actual 21 9 support. Thanks devs.


Outstanding! Definite purchase if HOR+ makes it into the game. Nice to know the devs are listening.


Refunded on Steam because of the vertical screen cut-off. But seems like a great game. I’m back in once they add true 3440x1440 support.


Im sure there are other things on the radar, but this is the one thing keeping me from enjoying this game atm. Pls, devs lets get the HOR UW enabled!


So, it has been a month, but nothing in the patchnotes said it was implemented. Did I miss something? I mean, it is UE4 and even small indie devs could easily change this within their first patch…


Playing the game using default settings on ultra wide (48:9) is near impossible due to the VERT- cropping. Your characters take up nearly half the height of the screen.

However this being developed on Unreal Engine 4 means it’s quite easy to work around. The HUD elements are off on the very sides of the screens, but the gameplay area scales correctly.

Edit AppData\Local\ZoneUE4\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\Engine.ini and add the following at the end to get a playable experience:



One annoying caveat to mention though. Area transitions reset the setting, so reopening the game is needed. Can be tedious if you’re trying to quickly pop back to the ark for an update, but I find it low impact enough when fully clearing zones.