Ultrawide 21:9 support

WIll this game support ultrawide 21:9 support? I’m a huge fan of xcom & this game looks incredible. Just hoping ultrawide gets some support. Thanks!

There is no official decision regarding ultrawide support yet (also sorry for the super late reply!)

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Is there any update on 21:9 ultrawide support?

Not sure if I directed my reply to you or not, so reposting. Is there any update on 21:9 ultrawide support? Thanks!

i`m playing in 21:9

Is it stretched and cropped, sidebars or true 21:9?

I’ve checked in with the devs and should have more information very soon :slight_smile:

No word on this yet I am guessing. I am getting a new widescreen I would like this to be the game I play first on it. I can’t wait…well I can but rely don’t want to. 21:9 FTW

Sorry, this thread just completely slipped my mind. Pobody’s Nerfect and all that!

I’ve been told by the developers that the game looks good on an ultrawide display, but the image will be stretched when using the 16:9 resolution on a 21:9 display. There’s no pillar box effect added.

Thanks for the info. But unclear can you use 21:9 or just stretched 16:9 on the ultrawide.
Thanks again. :slight_smile:

It will be stretched 16:9 on an ultrawide monitor.


To confirm, the game does not support 21:9 aspect ratio, making for a sub-par par experience on 21:9 monitors?


as the development team delivered the game with VERT- instead of HOR, it removes about a third of the vertical screen estate instead of adding 1/3 to the horizontal view, which drastically limits the view for ultrawide users and forces people to play in 16:9 windowed (which is suboptimal for Gsync, etc…)

Here is a picutre in 16:9; It is not stretched as I forced my whole computer to 16:9 via graphics cards drivers and have to enable/ disable that everytime I would want to play.
See the tree’s leaves on top and how much ground you see on bottom.

ABRACADABRA, a third of your screen estate has vanished in 21:9; Applause for the magician.

Here is what 16:9 users see (have a closer look at the satellite post and how much space is still seen above it)

and here what ultrawide users see:

You miss quite a lot of screen info and are very much close in by cutting off top and bottom.

Will this be fixed with a day 1 patch? The devs of SCUM for example fixed this easily within the first week because they listened to their community. :slight_smile:

I rather not have to change my Nvidia settings to 2560x1440 and crop my whole monitor before being able to play the game?

Waiting for an answer. Refunded for now. (also because of other day 1 bugs and CTD)

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can not wait for an answer :slight_smile:

I created an account here (though I thought my Secret World one would work, but alas!), just to chime in that I would LOVE to see widescreen resolutions supported in this game, and will keep checking this thread to see if that comes to fruition.

(Assuming I can be patient enough not to just buy it outright anyways, even if the top and bottom of the image will be cut off of my 32:9 monitor)

This game needs 21:9 support, refunded until it gets support.

I asked the Bearded Ladies and they said they are looking into adding HOR+ for Ultrawide monitors.



will buy once implemented. Thanks!

Hopefully soon!