Unable to create armor or make pets

This isn’t for me, but I have someone in a server on PlayStation who isn’t able to make armor, their illusion isn’t taking effect and only shows up as the base item. They also had trouble making pets, like foxes despite having everything they needed, but every time they clicked the fox in their screen, it did nothing. Any idea?

Log out and back in and hope the ingame authorisation to use purchases they own works this time.
Annoying but happens to me as well.

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I’ll let them know. If it does work, thank you very much. I had to help make her a few foxes (which I didn’t mind) because she was unable to for whatever reason. I notice this happens when I purchase stuff the Bazaar (including coins), items go missing from knowledge, so I have to totally shutdown game and restart and “MAGICALY” they appear.

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