"Unable to login, please restart or try again later."

Unable to login. Online play impossible. The error pops up when launching the game. Same issue as with other people I reckon.

Saying that is isn’t noted as a bug is saying the same thing as it is not on the bug report thing. Critical thinking might be required to understand. Shouldn’t have assumed you could do that. They were also all started within a minute of each other so they were likely all being written at the same time.

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The game does not connect to funcom services and only works in single player mode but the internet works great! I checked the integrity of the game 2 times and reinstalled battleye what should I do to start playing except reinstall the game 50 gb

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I am experiencing this issue at ~7:30 Pacific Time Zone (Seattle). Attempted reboot, relaunch, etc.

A chum of mine was in game (official 6111) playing with no issue, but when he closed the game and relaunched, he also experienced a similar issue, so possible an issue with the funcom login servers?

I am currently just going to wait and try again in awhile, and hope somebody at funcom takes a look at the issue.


Stop arguing semantics in a bug report thread please. Lets keep this to reports only.

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Honestly, do people even glance at the page before making a thread…?

Try here:

Or here:

Or here:


the funcom live service have been the bain of players since it was launched, time it was fixed removed completely, continued and repeated disconnection on exile maps across the board

the age of dissapointment


Oh really?

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im sorry your having this issue, with login in, funcom has really stuffed up this time,. also dont bother with deacon he is a bully on all threads a complete and utter abusive twit, his opinion isnt wanted or appreciated by anyone who writes on these forums, his the server Karen


chill, it’s not even their thread, everyone needs to stop being a keyboardwarrior. locking the thread wont do any good, if you even have that power that is

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Read a TOS.

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Its seems its an issue with Funcom/Steam services, Epic Games is working, I think it’s a matter of waiting for the problem to be solved

I am having a problem when I try to login. I get this message:

“Unable to login, please restart or try again later. Continuing in Offline Mode in which only Single-player mode is available.”

I restart but the same message comes back. Why can’t I log in?


Its impacting more games than just CE.


Yes we needed a 9th post on this.

Which games? Is it a Steam problem or a FunCom problem?

Most are going to bug reports because that make more sense to report the issues at hand. Doesn’t mean they don’t read. Just means they going where it make more sense… No need act like a Mod here. As most Mods I know do not argue with people. They simply get their message out. if others want continue to argue they will either ignore them. Or Close the Thread. Seeing how many there are. I don’t think you have capability to do so. If you are a mod. Your acting, as I am reading is very unprofessional behavior.

One may mistaken you as a online bully, or as i seen another call you online Karen… If you do work for Funcom. I don’t see you keeping your job very long. But that right I also seen other thread where you used to be a mod. Which means past tense. I understand why you are not it any more. Not because of million of the same post. it because you lack to handle situations at a professional level. No major company want to lose their followers and member because of one arrogant individual. You become disposable then. Because they always replace you with someone better. And someone who understand Customer Service better.

Also yea don’t bother responding to me. I probably won’t read it or see it. Because unlike you. I know how to ignore ignorant Bullies… Carry on with your day. I suggest you find a better position for yourself as online Mod is definitely not it…


Ive heard Diablo is getting DDOS’d and its impacting other games because of the hosting service.


Lol, Oh I take it everyone is experiencing this right now?


Yes I having same problem. Cannot log on to the server. But I sure Funcom want to keep their people and are Well aware of issue by now. :slight_smile: