Core Game: Failed to Login! - Fail to login to Funcom?

Game mode: Online ALL
Type of issue: Connection to Funcom
Server type: ALL
Region: EU

Game engine starts without issue, but no way to see server listings as the link to Funcom is not working therefore game is unplayable.

When click on ‘Play Online’ then get message “Failed to Login: Please Restart or try again later!”

I see that this was also reported in the Conan Discord group overnight. I understand that the only way the player eventually got the server listing was to spam-click for ages before it was accessed?

I had no issue getting online several times this morning and could access servers as expected.

Thanks in advance.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Start game and click on Play Online
  2. Repeat above after: restarting PC and after resetting Connection


Me too cant access to the “play online” got the same message.

tried couple times of restart the steam engine and windows also cant fix the problem.

my internet is working perfectly fine.


yeah, had this today couple of times in a row, turning steam off and on again seems to mitigate it, but it’s little worrying

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Ah! I have just checked downdetector and see that there are spikes for and for - AND there are many other spikes for various sites out there, all starting from about 13:40 today (enter the https:// if you want to check)

I too am having issues with logging in. Clicking Play Online or Singeplayer returns a “Login Failed. Please Restart or Try Again Later”

Already updated Windows, verified game files, restarted both Steam and Conan, and even reinstalled Conan, to no avail.

@Morkilimus - see previous message. It looks like this is NOT specifically Funcom, but that there is a network issue for a number of sites, including Steam, Conan Exiles, Counterstrike, etc Let’s see if there’s any feedback from Funcom on this one. If it is a general outage somewhere, that is not something that Funcom can do anything about.

Yea man, I did all those troubleshooting steps BEFORE seeing this post on the forum. It just happened that I noticed the login issues directly following moving my install folder to a different drive. Just a really bad coincidence I guess, as I immediately thought the move messed something up.

I’ve seen some old reddit threads regarding this message, and it’s been said that it has something to do with authentication with Steam’s servers. But anyway, I’m just glad it’s not on my end.

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Entire server can’t log in. Very cool.

Also happening in the US

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Failed to Login error… says to restart or try later. :frowning: Any fix for this?

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I dislike including direct links (copy/paste if you prefer) , but shows Steam has an issue as well, so this is unlikely a Funcom issue - the Conan Exiles issues would be linked to Steam. I am leaving this ticket in here so others with same issue can see it…

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Same issue here since 9am EST. Tried restarting the game, Steam and computer. Connected just fine to internet & Steam (as far as I can see, able to access friends, chat & store). For Official server 6153. I see via battlemetrics that 4/40 players are on. So I’m not sure what I’m doing incorrect.

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Can’t get ingame and online at all. Guess I’m playing something else.

Steam has connection issues:

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I tried that and it did not work. After waiting a while, I was finally able to log back in without closing STEAM. It is very annoying to say the least.

You might be right …or not. I am sure I don’t know. I am having this problem too. I am wondering what good will come of your post. Say it is a steam issue. So? I would hope that Fun com and Steam are on the case because this is not good.

What do you believe the next step is for a user?

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To wait for steam to resolve the issue.

Yeah, it is frustrating, but I have found that, though it’s annoying not being able to get into the game, I am just checking back on downdetector (other internet monitoring sites are available) and when shows a down-curve, I will try to access via Steam again. Since Steam is the primary access-layer, and not Funcom, tech-logic says we have to wait for Steam.

I have no suggestions. It does seem to be a problem many users are experiencing. Fun Com and Steam are money making companies. I am hoping they are trying to figure it out …I am reading down the list looking for an answer. Probably like many people perhaps including you. I see that Steam resolving things seems to be your direction. I suppose in the end it is a Steam problem. But …the problem is in logging into Fun Com. So, I don’t think it’s obvious that the issue is Steam.

Christ first the VAC-ban problem this weekend and now this thing, the instability is crippling.

I just want to relax and play.

EDIT: Gotta correct myself, this time the STEAM networks are down. This isn’t FunComs fault.