Unable to move or attack while camel got smoked

Ok…so I love this game…new player…level 52…So I logged in and moved up to capture a thrall and all of a sudden could not move or attack…so they just killed my level 10 camel…I loved that damn camel! Almost made me semi rage quit…Just wondering if there is any way the devs can give me my camel back…super lame that he got killed like that…I bet he was sad I had him on passive…Anyway…just wondering if anyone has a link to where I can protest. Thanks

Unfortunately, Funcom will be unable to help you with your camel. Key text is quoted below, along with the source link.

We are unable to provide any refunds to persons or clans for loss of items, resources, in-game properties and so on, regardless of the reason.

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The only thing is to sen in a bug report so they can work on it so it not will happen agan, to fix the problem.

I know the feeling when losing a favorit folower but its easy to get a new and replase it as it was the old one.

But you are on a official server or a privat server?

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I feel your pain. Similar, but not quite same, thing happened to me.

Camel was set to Do Not Attack. Was running through Luxor when the boss started chasing me. I was able to run along just fine, but my camel got stuck in some rubble and would not move or teleport to me. Boss walked up to the paralyzed-with-fear camel and started tearing chunks off of it.

No matter what I did, boss would not switch target to me. Dead camel.

I think the devs have seen this one to many times and have it out for camels.
camel punch


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