Unable to pass loading screen. official server #1942

1941 is dead also.

Add 1940 to the list. Nobody at work to flip the switch on a Sunday I guess.

If you have ever played on a modded server you would see this same issue. This tells me that the new DLC is being treated as a mod and it was not added to the core game. The inability to skip the intro is because the game is still loading in the new additional content. Needs fixed.

That sounds like a separate issue. This is ongoing, server goes down for up to 12 hours. It appears online stuck with 30/40 or however many users it had when it went down and good ping when you have filter set to ‘Favorites’ (and it is a favorite) but in the ‘Official’ filter it will be sitting at 1/40 (presumably someone currently trying to log and timing out).

This is the third day this has happened (on 1518). I get disconnected from the server. When I try to reconnect it times out. Steam shows me and all players who were on the server in game, however no one can connect.

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Exact same on 1940.

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve all encountered this issue. We’re aware of these reports and we’re looking into the problem. It would appear that this is, for the most part, fixed after scheduled server restarts. Unfortunately, we still don’t know what’s causing it, so we don’t yet have a fix. We appreciate the reports and will continue investigating this for a possible solution in a future update.

As this has consistently been an issue on a handful of servers over the last few days, can we ask that you folks actively monitor the situation? It took you folks 20+ hours to even acknowledge this issue this last time and relying on scheduled restarts hopefully isn’t then answer.

It’s quite discouraging being DC’ed and not being able to log back in for the entire evening/night.

It’s still down today. Crashed twice Saturday, at least once on Sunday and is down now.

Down again this evening. Our bases are going to decay because we can never log in

#1940 down again. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to that possible future solution…

We’re looking into 1940 now, thank you for your patience.

…and he was never seen again.

1942 is down again tonight

And again tonight. Every night since Saturday, June 23…

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1942 also - goes down like clockwork every day for a week now. How does anyone even play this game? I’m trying really hard to stay interested here, sucks

I can also confirm that server #1942 has been going down every day for the past 5 days. And it is down for like…8 hours it seems like.

Sorry for the trouble everyone, server should be back up now. Please let us know if there’s still any issues.

It’s down again, just like last night. Since June 23, we’ve only been able to play one evening. This could be a great game but your servers are just horrendous and counting on an automated restart as a solution is just appalling.

Same issue on 1941, just occured within the last 5 minutes. Happens every night. Nossos, is Funcom working on a fix?