Unable to pass loading screen. official server #1942



It’s down again, just like last night. Since June 23, we’ve only been able to play one evening. This could be a great game but your servers are just horrendous and counting on an automated restart as a solution is just appalling.


Same issue on 1941, just occured within the last 5 minutes. Happens every night. Nossos, is Funcom working on a fix?


The devs are still looking into why these servers in particular are seeing repeated downtime, but I’m afraid I don’t have any more details than that regarding the persistent issue. The appropriate teams have been notified of 1941 and 1942 being down now and it’s being worked on.


The PVE servers don’t seem to have anywhere near the amount of disconnection problems that the PVP servers do. Some of us on 1942 were discussing it a couple of nights ago and we wondered if it might have something to do with the PVE/PVP switch, since #1942 goes down every night within a couple of hours of the switch from PVE to PVP at 8EST?

I’m hopeful you guys sort this out soon. A lot of the first time funcom game buyers that are regulars in 1942 are getting understandably pessimistic about the future of the game and funcom in general. And personally I’m becoming increasingly disappointed by funcom’s consistent rough launches. I just wanted to add some constructive criticism.


#1517 has gone down 6 out of 7 evenings with no restart until 8-15 hours later each time. It seems like the focus should be on fixing server crashes, fish nets not working, and floating thralls and not so much dlc which will inevitably add more bugs. i’m really insulted this was considered finished. this is definately beta material and i feel slighted as a customer.


#1517 just went down again, after it went down last night it wasn’t up until the reset. I feel like these servers are like public cable and i have to get on whe it’s being aired or i miss my chance to play. ludacris funcom


until you can fix this issue can you implement a automated restart every couple hours so we can play the game we payed for and not have the busiest time of the week unavailable due to no human support


And 1942 just crashed again…10 minutes before PVP time :frowning:


PvE-C #1940 goes down almost every night, I assumed it was server load issue, maybe indirectly with too many assets loaded or some bs. Could just be the fact that it’s prime time, more server load. Although PvE-C does have a PvP switch, just not for destruction. Anyway I don’t think it’s useful to speculate on the cause, could just be lazy IT guys or something, but knock yourself out.


1518 is down again. GG funcom


And again tonight. same old…everyone disconnected and stuck at loading screen…same as every evening


GG Funcom. This time I was dead at launch and lost all my gear since i was out in the world when your server crashed again. Thanks so much. It’s so much fun farming mats for gear I had before it crashed.


I just got home from a cook out and guess what…the server is down. Man, I sure didn’t see that coming. Sure caught me by surprise…not!


Yup once again down around 6:30 like clockwork…FIX THIS SH#T!


Awesome…server is up at the moment but PVP time is approaching but that really doesn’t matter because even if the server stayed up, which is highly unlikely, I’m missing so many cabinets and chests and work stations I really don’t have anything to play with anyhow. I like this game when it runs but my patience is pretty much gone. I’ve never had so much trouble trying to play a game I bought and was still dumb enough to buy the DLC and gift copies of the game. Sure I could go out and farm all the stuff in the cabinets again but then again the chest I had all my tools in is gone too so that’s not really a possibility.


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