Unconventional uses for emotes

My current favorite unconventional use for an existing emote is to use the first part of the /graffiti emote to pet horses. Are there any which you’ve found yourself or have seen other players using?


Plenty! I love posing my character for screenshots using emotes. It’s all about positioning and timing.

Don’t want to screenie-spam, but I can describe a few that immediately come to mind:

  • /preach when standing between two people to simulate an encouraging pat on both their shoulders
  • /graffiti with a rifle out for the classic “snapshots from the front line” pose
  • /shy with a sword out to simulate inspecting the blade
  • /facepalm in front of a flower box for an especially contemplative, playing-with-flowers pose

As with Cordite’s examples, using the last frames of the /showfist emote, you get a real nice ‘What?’ pose.


I sometimes use the pointing emote, manoeuvre the camera and crop the screenshot to make it look like my character is taking a selfie