Undead pets no longer craftable

It seems Funcom took away witch doctor feat and can’t make undead pets like monstrosity etc.

Is this a bug?

I hope it’s not a money grab for the future.

You don’t allow something for free for years then suddenly cancel it and charge later.

Please say this is a bug that will be fixed.

There is no plans to charge for it in the future. They removed it because the skeletons from witch doctor are simply terrible, and replaced with zombies in 3.0. Progress through your sorcery path to regain undead

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I am create undead zombies. But the look of the skeletons was very cool.

Plus my undead corpses keep dying the next day. So I can’t exactly have any “inkling of an undead army” without having to farm thralls every day.

Or is there something else I’m missing? I loaded them up with human flesh but doesn’t seem to help. They timer out

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They should be lasting three days last I checked, but this was an intentional balance change. They’re much stronger, and don’t need to be levelled.

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I agree with you it makes it much easier to not have to level them.

However, conversely it will force some players to have continual bases around thrall camps for farming every day or other day. More load on servers.

Now I didn’t fight with skeletons much so can’t speak to their combat prowess or bugs. But as a sorcery update it makes sense you should be able to have skeletons around.

I don’t mind the zombies but skeletons and wights had so much more aesthetic appeal to the game from an Rp perspective then a hunched over thrall.

I disagree with the way this was handled. And certainly unhappy with Funcoms decision on this.

It’s a sorcery thing and removing aspects of undead goes against this whole premise.

But I get it “game changes over time”. But I do think this is a step backwards especially given the theme of this update.

Thanks again though for the reply. I do appreciate the quick response as it was vexing trying to determine if I could still craft it. Cheers

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The Sorcery Era will have 3 chapters 3 months each,
in the next Battle Pass or in the last one the skeletons can come back
in the pass.

[Citation Needed]

Oooooooooooooo yummy!!!
Thank you!!

Yes - for money…

I don’t think any actual content will be paywalled. Sure, undead hyena could be just a skin for a living hyena, but I’d be disappointed if the skeletons were just reskins for zombies (or thralls because they’d still bleed and suffer from poison).

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