Undermeshing! Please put a stop to this!

Good Evening Gamers!!!

First and foremost, I would like to just say, I am really impressed with the new updates, especially the new thrall commands. Great work funcom.

Anyways, all the good stuff aside, I am massively disappointed that people are still able to cheat the game and spoil it for those that can actually play the game. I am an active player on server 3216 (PS4) and we are currently trying to fight a toxic clan who are undermeshing in the jungle. Co-ordinates are N6. We have tried reporting them multiple times via playstation, but no action has been taken. I understand that Funcom must receive a great load of these reports on a daily basis, which would be extremely difficult to manage and process, but funcom seriously need to negate people being able to undermesh because it’s so unfair on clans who actually play by the rules and grind away to achieve things. Please funcom, please look over these issues and fix them.


They’re constantly developing technical updates to prevent undermeshing, as described in a recent livestream.

As for reporting them, you probably know all this already, but linking the guidelines for reporting cheating and other naughty behavior for the benefit of others, anyway. The more details and evidence you can provide, the more likely Funcom is to take action (and they evidently do take action, because people are complaining on the forums how they’ve been banned).

As you said, they’re probably receiving a lot of reports, so it may take them some time to take action in any individual case.

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