Unkillable enemies

Just started conan. Got my axe, killed a rabbit, tried to kill a 2nd. While charging after it, it instantly full heals. Start fighting a gator, same problem. Fight a human npc, same problem! How am I supposed to last in this game if everything heals no matter how much I’m hitting it? The server isn’t lagging as there is no rubber banding or anything else to suggest it is. Please help, I wanna love this game but this is a quick way to stop that

Seen this topic pop up few times, and answer is funny enough… your using “tools” to hit stuff, and not a weapon.
So Axe as in a weapon? or Axe used cut down trees/collect items from dead critters?

Tools have damage listed for “1”, so it wont do much to nothing. So everytime you hit something, it shows full health bar, since you doing next to nothing.

1st rabbit, maybe have been damage before hand, or hit it in face?(dont think they had headshots)

Out of anything, log out and back in, or try a “weapon” thats not one of tools.

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Thank you

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