Using blunted arrows to kill world bosses

My buddy can use blunted arrows to knock out world bosses and I can’t even knock out regular creatures with them lol Is this a known bug? and if so, on which side? Am I supposed to be able to knock out world bosses? Or is his game bugged? It kinda works out for him I guess, but I’m curious to know what the deal is haha if anyone knows anything about this I would appreciate the insight.

You’re not supposed at all to be able knock out world bosses.

Using blunted arrows as intended could be… a little hard.

The problem with them is the bow deals normal damages, so the stunning effect of the arrows is overwhelmed by bow damages.

You have to use a very low dmg bow, place on it the best Blunted Weapon Fitting at your disposal and use that bow with blunted arrows.

Only at this point blunted arrows will work, knocking out npcs instead of killing them.


Haha yah I figured as much. I feel like it was meant to be in the game originally as per the animals Idk maybe torpidity meter? I’m not fully sure what the blue bar is called on Conan lol plus the animals have a sleeping animation as my friend showed me, since he can knock out anything for some reason. I guess he won the glitch lottery for this game haha cause I would definatly trade him that glitch for one of the ones I get like the purge always being Imps now instead of humans after the latest patch or the inability to respawn when I die hahaha Thanks for the help though, I appreciate the insight.

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I just realized the less dmg bow you can craft is the Hunting Bow… So the best bow to use in combination with blunted arrows to capture NPCs is the HUNTING bow… really ? Please tell me this is a troll-joke :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Hahaha I wish it was a troll joke :rofl: I don’t want to have to carry 2 bows with me at all times. I already carry so much stuff on me at once. I heard if you don’t have any attributes in accuracy it helps for knocking foes out, but it makes your bow about as effective as a potato gun for killing stuff lmao

no joke:

I just took some stuff out of that post to shorten it so details aren’t missed

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A friend of mine just suggested me to try apply blunted weapon fitting to predatory blade and use it as a multitool, blade with light attacks and truncheon with heavy combo… it worked.

So the best bow to capture people is the HUNTING bow, the best melee weapon to capture people is the PREDATORY blade….

Trust me, it’s an intended joke: we are predators, we are human hunters :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I feel compelled to add that Accuracy plays a part in this (bows). The higher the Accuracy, the greater chance that the target will die before being knocked out. Even blunted, the tools do damage.

Similarly, strength may be affecting a predatory blade, but I have no experience with this. Thanks for the tip, B2A !



I don’t know if accuracy will affect this, having 0 accuracy, but I have 31 strenght and I use boosters (potions, armors etc.) to raise it to 40 and predatory blade works well as truncheon on heavy attacks.

That’s because base melee dmg are weapon + ( strenght x 2 ) % of weapon dmg, but if the weapon deals 1 dmg surely it’s not affected.

If accuracy works same way on bow dmg, they worst it can do is to double base bow dmg… blunted arrows will still work ? This will requires more tests :wink:


Unfortunately, I have tested it, but only at one level of accuracy, and I do not remember where it was at the time, but it was high.

I could knock out the T1-3s (the archer in the Pagoda) but always killed the T4, watching the healthbar go down faster than the knockout indicator. It was using all the tips above.

I am in solo ATM, so may go over and test it at various levels of accuracy.

Thanks for poking me into this :wink:



So, the first conclusion I came to was that light attacks were more effective than heavy attacks, but also want to illustrate a progression with the next three pictures.

Test conditions: Hunting Bow with advanced blunt attachment using blunt arrows. Accuracy = 0.

Please notice the relationship between the health bar and the white knockout bar, and the difference between the ranks.

Tier 1

Tier II

Tier III

Tier IVs are a bit rarer, so I switched to light attacks for the next shot. First, she’s a damn pincushion, but her health is going down at a slower rate than the above pic.

I cannot explain the health damage mathematically. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable could help here.

It will take longer to spawn a T4, but I will be back.



I ran across Lissira. Same conditions repeated here:

Test conditions: Hunting Bow with advanced blunt attachment using blunt arrows. Accuracy = 0.

She’s toast with another two or three light shots.

So, maybe I was wrong about the accuracy part and there is something else I am doing wrong. Until someone tells me what I missed, I see no reason to test accuracy.

I would appreciate the help, advice, blatant criticism, etc. :slight_smile:



Edited PS: While I was posting this, Lissira regenerated her health, but not her knockout bar. So I subjected her to more torture and was able to overcome her knockout bar before her health. Please note it took around 75 arrows to do this. Certainly not worth the cost and nearly impossible unless cloaked.

Again, what did I miss?


When I tested the hunting bow I used a Treasure Seeker from Unnamed City, I knocked him down while its life bar was not even at half level.

I always used heavy attacks from a long distance just to provoke him, than used lights Attacks when closer.

Just to be sure for same condition of the test: have you placed an Advanced Blunted Weapon Fitting on the bow ?

Because, being my character lvl 60 I’ve used it, maybe with lesser kit it doesn’t work :thinking:

And yes, of course I used 80-90 arrows to do it.

But the whole point is to use it in rare situations, like a bunch of enemies packed and a t4 you want to knock down from a safe position (for example during a purge).

Honestly if you manage to have thralls use truncheons (using the workaround if they don’t attack, but it could be unconfortable during a purge to use the workaround if they doesn’t) melee is always better choice to capture someone.

But I think if you’re not skilled/equipped enough or the situation is difficult for melee capturing this could be a way, even if yes, it’s not cheap and it may require to wait regen of your target.

The only difference that comes to mind is Lissira’s health since it is lower than what we find in the Unnamed City, and thralls from there are taken melee, with a truncheon wielding Bandit Leader. They pretty much stay quite confused with the both of us. Unfortunately, if we consider health, then the T1s should die faster and that is the opposite of what the pics above show.

I have an army of truncheon wielding Captains and Bandit Leaders at three bases; they do well. Not even a problem with critter spawns. Reminds me of Los Angeles police action. If some of them refuse to fight, there are plenty more to fill in the blanks. I could use a reminder of which workaround you are using, please :slight_smile:

Yes, advanced blunts are stated in the Test Conditions, I’ve been 60 for quite a while and regularly farm the UC. Also, moderately skilled at removing the trash and KOing the Bandit captain when my thrall misbehaves, but I do take some damage.

I’m still confused, though, since the T1 vs. T4 rates are so different. In general, T1s would have lower health before wheeling them and should die quicker, if the health is the issue. There may be a variable in knock-out resistance we can’t see.



Edited PS: BTW, the knockout indicator shows her resistance to that regenerates also, though at a much slower rate. I waited long enough to watch that happen.

I would have to say that it’s inconclusive at best as to whether or not accuracy (specifically the 3rd, 4th, and 5th perks) will have an effect on blunted arrows. We obviously know that there are separate meters for concussive and health damage but the perks do not specify which damage type is increased.

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random armor ratings on enemy NPCs is corrupting your data possibly.

ADDED: single player naked spawns could eliminate the armor/armor pen variable


Good points, thank you.

Accuracy = 0, so perks are not involved. The T4s still lose concussive damage at a lower rate than health damage, and that is my focus.

Armor pen is 16% and could be a factor. Let me try your suggestion later today :slight_smile:



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