Are blunted arrows useful?

Can they be used to capture thralls, or do they kill NPCs before they can knock them out? Also, will thralls use them up when fired or can they fire them infinitely?

As long as the bow does ‘normal’ damage it is very likely to kill the target with blunt arrows.

Someone mentioned that bows can be changed to do more blunt damage by attaching a blunt damage modification, but I never tested this…


Can arrows be modified too?

I guess they can not, but I never tried it.

Equip a blunt weapon mod on a basic (not exceptional or flawless) hunting bow and your bludgeoning arrows will KO npcs instead of killing them. This also works for two handed stone hammers (assuming you put an advanced blunting mod on it), which is cool. It’s based on whether your weapon does more knock out damage or more health damage, so blunted arrows and blunted hammers will still do health damage regardless. You just want them to do more KO damage than they do health damage.

Blunted javelins, though… AFAIK those are only capable of outright killing thralls. Still. To this day. SMH.


Last i tried those they only knocked enemies out by throwing, though I suppose that could’ve gone buggy since then :slight_smile: only ever killed things if you just jabbed, but throwing it actually hit the KO bar

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Will thralls use blunted arrows?

I’ve tried it today. Bludgeoning arrow are still killing the NPC before he goes unconscious. I’ve used the hunting bow and have no point at accuracy.

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