Question about Blunted arrows

Guys I need some help with the blunted arrows. I have almost maxed accuracy and it takes me 2 or 3 hits to kill a human npc while the white bar takes very little damage.
Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

Since the power of a bow and accuracy both contribute to an arrow’s damage, that could be part of the problem. You might try using a very weak bow with the blunted arrows to see if that helps.

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In one of Youtube videos they advice to use the most low-level bow and to aim at Thrall’s legs.

Make sure the bow has the advanced blunt upgrade on it and then arm it with the blunt arrows as it will help with knocking out targets even more


I use an flawless starmetal bow with the advanced blunt kits and the blunted arrows and can usaly knock out most thralls befor they drop below half health with the den and higher thrall camps


With 0 Accuracy, I use a regular noob hunting bow with the Advanced Blunted upgrade, and I can KO a Lemurian or Black Hand dude without killing - barely. I’d love it if it was more reliable.


You need the blunt fitting on the bow + blunted arrows.

The actual arrows are solely reduced to 1 damage but come with no stun damage.
You need to use the lowest bow possible and attack a blunted fitting to it. Then fire those blunted arrows. 10 strenght required for high efficiency.


I think I recall someone saying that bow damaged is calculated separately for the bow and the arrows. So as CrimsonDrake and Candle mentioned, you need to put the blunt fitting on the bow also. Otherwise you’re still doing regular bow damage while the arrows are doing concussive damage.

You will still do some damage even with the blunt fitting so can kill thralls with low health but is a means of getting higher tier thralls without risking yourself. At asgarth i would stand on the walls and snipe a thrall i wanted and then jump down and drag them out without bothering with touching anything else


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