(Unofficial) Secret World Legends Anniversary Survey - 2018 Edition

Cannot believe it’s basically been a year guys, happy anniversary.

With the Anniversary comes a tradition of my yearly surveys, (Re: 2016 & 2017) where I ask YOU, the player, about the game and how you feel about it.

This survey will be accepting responses from Friday, June 22nd - Sunday July 22nd at midnight EDT.

From last year’s survey we had over 2200 responses, with a nice amount of data to pour over and compile as well as helped provide updated questions that (hopefully) make sense to y’all.

If you have any comments, questions, concerns feel free to reply here or DM me.

As always, this survey is not mandatory and is simply just a portion of player & podcast driven research. This survey is in every way anonymous and in no way asks for any personal (sensitive) information.

If you would like to contact the conductors of this research for more information - please send an e-mail to GinSynrio@gmail.com and/or BeyondTSW@gmail.com.

This survey is not affiliated with Funcom. The Secret World, Secret World Legends, and Funcom are registered marks of Funcom Oslo AS. All rights Reserved.


Update: Survey will be closing Sunday at midnight EDT.
Get your suggestions in now!

Survey is now closed, thank you all for your input!

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You should be able to see the statistics by visiting the link in the opening post.