Unofficial server #8001 [NO-AVATARS]

Unofficial server #8001 [NO-AVATARS][PVP][Official Rates]

Do you like Conan Exiles Official PVP settings, but hate to be destroyed by avatars? Cheaters? Hackers?

Join us on unofficial #8001!

Discord: Unofficial server #8001 [NO-AVATARS][PVP][Official Rates]

Direct connect: steam://connect/


Hi. how many people playing there? is there a building limit?

Good Server for all that like Officals but not the stupid Ban Rules :slight_smile: Join us

No building limit. Peak so far is 7/40

Thanks for joining and sharing!

The Real Offical PvP Server like in the old times!

u dont get banned for building a 2x2 t1 house! non toxic people here. Join us for sportswise non toxic PvP!

No Wipe. U can build your Kingdom here.