Untamed PvP- 70 slot - 5x XP/ Harvest -Almost daily events- Active Admins - FRESHLY WIPED 7/12

go to getuntamed.com for a link to our discord where you can find out more about our rules, events and giveaways!

  • Raid times 8-12 Weeknights, 12 - 12 Weekends

  • We have a strong, active admin team!

  • We have an extremely stable dedicated machine.

  • We have a very active, diverse 18+ community.

  • Server wide events almost every day.

  • We have a seperate PVE-Conflict server with PIPPI to mess around with

To give you an idea of what this server offers, here is our schedule:


Updated to reflect new wipe and other changes.

fresh wipe for the weekend!

70 slot server, plenty of room for a few more active players!

Battle Royale Tonight!

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